Welcome, Momma!

Something magical happens during family sessions. Toddler's tears and fresh mud pie stains melt into print-this-now-for-our-Christmas-card-later photos. Let's make magic together.  

Digital + Prints=Magic.

Have your cake & eat it too...I got you, boo.


Worried about choosing digital photos or prints? Not here.

Rest easy knowing you'll have a beautiful password-protected online gallery. Download your family images straight to your computer, laptop, & phones to  re-live your favorite moments again & again.

Additional large print options available to display in that gallery wall you've been eyeing on Pinterest.




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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Prettiest of Them All?


Your generous and straightforward family session package makes decision-making and booking a breeze.

Save that stress for something important, like deciding on which Netflix show you'll fold laundry to tonight.


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Schedule your free Family Wardrobe consultation!


Now that you've booked your family photography package, let's schedule your complimentary Wardrobe consultation!

Spend your free time finding a new hiding spot for your Nutella, not stressing over how to coordinate your crew's clothing or where to hang your pretty pictures.

I'll help you pull it all together.

We've got this, babe.


"Jennifer was amazing! I can't believe the gorgeous shots she captured of my 6 year old daughter who HATES to be on camera!


Jennifer made sure the kids got to run around & have fun. My hubby & I loved getting a few minutes of alone time to have photos as a couple!


My favorite shots are the ones of the whole family enjoying each other. We've hung up several favorite photos in our home. They make me smile every time I walk by them!

We're excited to see her again next year!"